Monday, January 30, 2017

Thinkers vs Talkers

I just left my thirteen year old's room.  It's almost 11:00pm.  He said it was past his bedtime, but we had a good chat.  A heart-to-heart after a long day of school.  Oh, nothing serious happened.  Nothing terrifying or abnormal.  Just a normal, lonely, embarrassing, feeling-left out and feeling-stupid-kind-of-day. He missed pronounced the capital of Iowa in a geography speech (he doesn't know French). He called Beyonce a "he" (I'm glad he couldn't pull up a visual of her curves in a body suit). And he didn't have anyone to talk to for the entire day.  I would feel kind of invisible as well...and maybe even choose to be.

Where do you go as a parent?  How do you instill the love of the Father and the design of the Creator?  How do you teach pop culture without the promise that if you know these names and faces, you will be liked?  How do you renew a mind and drop in courage while listening to and sympathizing with real middle school troubles?

Two hours of time.  That's where you start.  In a safe place.  No strings attached.  No distractions.  Just a boy on a pillow, and bring your computer.  Lots of searching and watching and listening and looking away.  What did he conclude?  He doesn't care for most of the music anyhow.  He doesn't want to watch most of the videos anyhow.

And the conclusion...he must not walk in fear: fear of other peoples' opinions, fear of embarrassment, fear of loneliness, fear of abnormal design.  But take heart, in this world there are "thinkers" and there are "talkers", and that's part of the amazing plan. God has called you to something great...don't miss it!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ellie Turns Four!

Ellie celebrated her 4th birthday at the Allen Hospital. We had two special guests! Nurse Leah came and did check-ups for all the girls and their baby dolls. It was so exciting to have a real nurse in the house. We also had a retired nurse stop in on her way to Florida--Grandma Sue spent 24 hours in Charlotte in order to be with us. Lots of booboos were carefully taken care of on this day!

Love Week

We had a blast serving in our city during Love Week 2012. The kids were awesome! We made cookies and made a poster at the Ronald McDonald House; we delivered Friendship Trays to the elderly and shut-ins; we painted and cleaned at The Summit, a housing complex in the city; we packed snacks and toiletry packs for homeless children; we wrote letters to the men and women protecting our country. Just a cool week to focus on others, not ourselves!

Reptile Party

Tait turned 8 and Grayson turned 6 in December. They celebrated with a Reptile Party and some cold-blooded visitors.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emmett Wilson Allen

#4 - another boy

born at 5:37pm 3/5/11
7 lb 8 oz
20 inches

Emmett -
Hebrew - truth
German - whole, entire, strength, strong worker

(Emmett Till - African American youth whose lynching was one of the key events leading up to the American Civil Rights Movement)

Wilson - after Royal Wilson Jones - Chris' maternal grandfather
German - determined, resolute

Friday, March 4, 2011

Princess Party

Here are a few photos from Ellie's 3rd birthday party. The girls all had fun...and the boys were great helpers! Lots of pink (as requested by the birthday girl)--pink crowns, pink necklaces & bracelets, pancakes with pink strawberries and whipped cream and pink cupcakes. Happy Birthday, Ellie!